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πŸ›οΈ Diving into Online Merch: The Story Behind the Splash! 🌊

At Wild River Pizza, we're all about delivering exceptional experiences. That's why we've decided to take a leap into the online realm by offering our fantastic range of merchandise right at your fingertips. Allow us to share the tale of why we've embarked on this exciting journey and our hopes for its success. πŸ•πŸŒŸ

🌊 Embracing Your Love for Wild River Pizza πŸ•

Our customers are more than just patrons; they're part of our extended family. Over time, we've noticed the genuine enthusiasm and connection you all share for the Wild River Pizza experience. From indulging in our signature dishes to enjoying the warm ambiance of our establishment, you've made Wild River Pizza a special place.

🌊 Bringing a Piece of Wild River to You πŸ›οΈ

The decision to introduce online merch was driven by our desire to bring a piece of the Wild River experience to your homes. Now, you can showcase your love for our delectable offerings, warm hospitality, and vibrant ambiance through our carefully curated merchandise. From cozy hoodies to stylish caps, each item embodies the spirit of Wild River Pizza.

🌊 The Excitement of Online Possibilities 🌐

With the launch of our online merch store, we're stepping into a realm where our offerings are not confined to our physical location. This move allows us to share the Wild River ethos with a wider audience, reaching fans and food enthusiasts who may not have had the chance to visit us in person.

🌊 Hoping for a Successful Journey πŸš€

Our deepest hope is that our online merch endeavor resonates with you as much as our food and ambiance do. We aim for this venture to be a success, not just in terms of sales but in the smiles it brings to your faces. Your support has always been the driving force behind our growth, and we're excited to embark on this new chapter with you.

So, as you explore our online merch store, know that every purchase is a little splash of support that fuels our passion for creating exceptional experiences. Thank you for being part of the Wild River Pizza family, and we look forward to this exciting journey together!

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Here is a little about our business as a whole.

Jerry and Bertha Miller established Miller's Shady Oaks Pizza Deli inΒ Cave JunctionΒ in June of 1975. We expanded toΒ Brookings HarborΒ in 1980 where son Darrel and his wife Becky manage the restaurant. With the themeΒ "Blame us if your life goes to Pizzas", we have always put our energy, resources, and imaginations to the test creating great food from fresh ingredients. With an interest in old-world crafts and a desire to add beverages that matched the flavor and quality of the foods in our restaurants, we ventured into the brewing world. And so in 1990, using the nameΒ Steelhead Brewery, we began brewing our award winning beer.Β 

Our desire to build an establishment using new ideas and concepts in the restaurant and brewing industry led to the birth of ourΒ Grants Pass facility. There we had space to install old-world, wood-fired ovens and a 15 BBL brewhouse with 5 fermenting tanks, 4 bright beer tanks, and a bottling line capable of 1800 BBL per year.Β 

Back when the idea for the Grants Pass expansion was germinating, we were having an identity crisis with the name of our business. The name "Pizza Deli" was a generic term and we wanted a name that would reflect the fact that we were also a brewery (remember that up until then, we had used the name Steelhead Brewery). Hence, in 1994, Wild River Brewing & Pizza Company was chosen as our new identity. Being in the heart of beautiful river country in Southern Oregon made it a natural choice.Β 

In 1994 we opened theΒ Wild River Pub in Grants Pass. The Wild River Pub also hasΒ a large Publick House area that is designed for receptions, meetings, conferences, and any function where a large group of people can gather and enjoy a great meal.

Our newest location is in Medford. The perfect blend of great food in a casual family setting or great micro-brews on tap in the bar sectionβ€”you can have both atΒ Wild River Medford. The wood-fired ovens and cooking areas are clearly visible, welcoming you into the restaurant.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who continue to make Wild River a success. All of us here at Wild River look forward to serving you in the future.

Thank you from all of us at WILD RIVER BROOKINGS-HARBOR INC.